Mid spring in these parts brings out lots of strange things. “Who does your hair?” Definitely is one of them. I mean, seriously, the hairdo is questionable at best. But when the fish are biting and more species are moving in, who cares.

Now something most don’t notice is the life vest – one of the most important and legal safety items on a boat. Most tournaments, especially freshwater, require they be worn whenever the vessel is running.

Here’s part of the point – all that stuff officials require can be essential. You know, life and death stuff.

Throwable vests, whistles, fire extinguishers – all great things to have onboard, required by your state or not. And this time of year – when the weather changes so much – the vest is more important than ever. Take a nice sunny day when the temperatures are nice. A fall into the water without a way to stay afloat, can end quickly. Hypothermia can set in fast. All sorts of bad things can happen.

Now, I know the hair is pitiful, but who cares. There’s a couple of nice largemouth bass and a small life vest on that could have made all the difference.

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