Ever imagined turning 65? Or older? On Easter Sunday I made it that far – to the surprise of many. Liver issues, diabetes and now brain problems.

It’s OK, though – advances are getting better and problems are getting smaller. Reading about all these folks having such success fishing, however, is starting to get a little bothersome.

The action is really good on all fronts and getting better. Tournaments for inshore and offshore action is heating up. In Virginia waters, red drum, speckled trout, flounder, tautog, Spanish mackerel, bluefish and lots of smaller species are here for the party. 

Offshore, species like billfish and deepwater bottom breeds are here. Tuna are migrating north from the south.

Along the Outer Banks, action for them all is good and getting better. And the mid-Atlantic currently is seeing fantastic freshwater action on just about all fronts.

Things only will get better, so manage your time and that weather forecast.

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