06.05.17Vote Now in our Dockhand Contest

As you may have noticed, our staff has grown in size, our seasonal dockhands are back!


You will see some familiar faces as well as some new ones.


Our dockhand contest has started as well. Stop in the Launch Office and cast one vote per month in June, July and August for your favorite dockhand. Your vote gives you a chance to win a free month of dry storage!

Adam- You will usually catch Adam skateboarding around Virginia Beach.

Lynnhaven Marine's Boatel and Launch Office

Lynnhaven Marine’s Boatel and Launch Office

Aiden- Aiden is 1st in the state of Virginia in his weight class for wrestling.

Bradley- Bradley’s twin brother, Brandon, was called away from the docks to serve in the Navy this summer. Bradley is a student at Christopher Newport University.

Connor- Connor is quite the musician; he plays the bass guitar, piano, cello and viola. He has visited about 20 countries!

Graham- Graham is a very talented Lacrosse player and plays for Christchurch School.

Jacob- Jacob is 3rd in the state of Virginia in his weight class for wrestling.

Nathan– Nathan is a very gifted piano player.

Roland- Roland is from South Africa! He also plays the saxophone in a Reggae band.



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