Now that it’s officially fall – hey, we all know there will be another heatwave or two – it’s time for those who eventually will winterize their boats to enjoy some of these sunny, sweater-wearing weekends on the water.

Sure, fishing is always an option, but a nice day cruising with family and friends is a great idea. A sunset cruise is one of life’s great pleasures. And there are numerous places to stop for a nice meal or cold drink if you just want to get off the boat – from the Sunset Beach area of the lowermost Eastern Shore to restaurants in Little Creek, Lynnhaven, and Rudee inlets.

Or, while the water is still warm enough to get in, head to the Old Pungo Ferry boat ramp in southern Virginia Beach for some tubing or to the First Landing park and beach at the end of 64th Street. Better still, find an isolated spot in the middle of nowhere, anchor up, turn on some cool jazz or country music and just disappear into the afternoon. Sure, it’s OK to rock-and-roll it, too. Jump in for a refreshing swim to brighten up for the ride back home.

The point is that warm days are quickly going to come to an end, so why not enjoy a few more beautiful days on the water?

(I hate to be a master of the obvious, but have your rig tight with all the necessary safety gear and think about a designated driver or two onboard. Ruining an enjoyable day just isn’t a good idea – especially with only a few of them left in 2021).

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