It’s the Christmas season and, as usual, the same questions always make it into a conversation.

Is Santa Claus real … will he bring me what I want … and likely the most asked – think we’ll have a white Christmas?

For starters, of course Santa is real. Come on now!

Will he bring me what I want? Depends, you been naughty or nice? Worse still, did you ask for something crazy, like, say, a car? We all know that a sub-Santa handles those kinds of items. Car delivered on a sleigh? That’s a good one.

Now, let’s get to the serious matter of that frozen white stuff that falls on queue in every Hallmark Christmas movie ever made. Before you get started on me for knowing that, my wife loves that stuff and has it on quite often. I catch bits and pieces passing through.

Now for this year’s snow prediction. Plain and simple – it ain’t gonna happen.

In some areas of the country, snow on X-Mas is a done deal. In others, nobody gives the thought two shakes. Then you have regions of the country like ours, where hopes are hit or miss. It takes a lot of things – and they all have to happen about the same time – for us to get snow. You need seriously cold air and moisture from a system moving into the area. We’re going to have the cold, with temperatures forecast for highs only in the 30’s, according to the National Weather Service.

Moisture, however, won’t be around as needed. Christmas’ high in the 30s will only be the third time since 2013 that temperatures have been that low on the 25th. On the last two Christmases the temperatures were in the 60s, with last year’s recorded high in Norfolk at 68. Ain’t getting any snow out of that.

Oh well, as it looks, there will be no white Christmas this year unless we have a real Hallmark miracle. That’s fine. The day is supposed to be about the birth of Christ –  that IS the real reason you know. It’s gonna be super cold – a great day for a fire and a giant pile of holiday food. And an added treat, Christmas falls on Sunday this year and that means NFL football.

So enjoy the Christmas weekend, revel in the joyful fact that you won’t be shoveling the driveway on the 26th.