Not a lot of us are old enough to remember the “good ‘ole days.”

That’s what we called them back then.

They were the days when oil changes ended up down the sewer, in the ditch, in a bottle in the trash bin.

Nobody thought about the ramifications, the problems that people would have to deal with later in life.

The Environmental Protection Agency and other government departments dedicated to Mother Nature are warning that the damaged caused is basically unknown.

At the least, they say, it’s not good.

But things are changing – baby steps at a time.

People – especially the boating community – are finding ways to keep the bad things our boats use out of the water or out of harm’s way.

Yep, most are finding a safer way to get rid of the bad products that are a must in the boating community.

We at Lynnhaven Marine are doing our part, taking in old oil and lubricant and having it sent to processing facilities where a good bunch of it is recycled for other uses.

“I would say that it’s every boater’s responsibility to keep their bilges and engines oil leak free,” said Lynnhaven’s Jon Scott. “If we really want our waters to stay clear and clean for future boats, then we all have to be vigilant.”

Most – if not all – marina facilities offer a place to dump your old lubricants. Gas stations, rural dumping sites and a variety of other companies also offer a place to safely get rid of the used stuff.

It’s obvious that we were wrong when we considered our youth the “good ‘ole days.”

We just never thought about the damage some things were doing.

At least one thing is certain – the boating community is standing at the forefront of today’s efforts to properly handle what we didn’t.

Making these the “good ‘ole days.”

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