Mother Nature gave us a really good tease this week, but Oliver Tolliver wants to make sure we all “paws” to remember that a flirt with spring is all this has been.

It’s mid-February in our region and that means strange up-and-down weather that’s hard to predict. It could be 70°F one day and a spit or more of snow the next.

Your excitement to get out on the water to fish or boat right now is more than a little understanding – just don’t get too excited. Days like this do, however, provide a good chance to make sure all those boating ducks are in a row. You don’t want any problems to develop when the cold weather’s back is really broken.

So take a “paws” when these kinds of days show up and knock out some yard work so it’s out of the way when better opportunities arrive.

Besides, real spring will be here before we know it, but that’s another weather story we’ll talk about when the time comes.

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