The Sea Toy of Manteo, winner of last year's Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament
The Sea Toy of Manteo, winner of last year’s Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament

B.O.A.T. in most circles is an acronym for “Break Out Another Thousand.”

In the high-stakes world of competitive billfishing, it should stand for “Break Out Another Twenty Thousand.”

Most of the folks competing in such tournaments are doing so in custom-built sport fishers worth millions of dollars. Many have annual operating budgets of $1 million or more. Add in the entry fees, bait, fuel, meals and all sorts of other things involved in a week of tournament action and boat owners can easily dump six figures into just one of these competitions.

Few ever get a chance to spend a day on one of these impressive fishing machines, much less participate in one of these tournaments – like the 18th annual Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament currently taking place out of Rudee Inlet.

While weigh-ins and after-fishing functions are off-limits, spectators can still witness some of the action from the Rudee Inlet Loop. And you can see some of the boats up close at the Virginia Beach Fishing Center, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Rudee Marina.

Stand in awe, maybe drool a little – even dream if you want to. Then clear your head and mosey on over to Lynnhaven Marine and check out some of the boats that are much more reasonably priced.

But remember, B.O.A.T. still involves another thousand.

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