She sashays into the room like she owns it. Luscious blond hair tosses to and fro. Heads turn, smiling at this beauty that has graced their presence.

For starters, Marrina does own the place, and for more extensive purposes, every place she goes.

Marrina is the mascot for Lynnhaven Marine (you see what they did there, right?) and is the official question and answer individual for

She’s also a dog – a super friendly golden retriever. Personality drips off her. Wait, maybe that’s drool. Marrina loves to spend time at the West Great Neck Road facility and hangs tightly with the staff. When the place is bustling, she loves to go outside and mingle with her people. Owner of both dog and business Chuck Guthrie says the plan was in place before Marrina was even born to have her serve as mascot. She’s Lynnhaven’s first official dog.

“We knew before that this was what we were going to do,” he said. “She’s the most laid back thing I’ve ever seen. She just gets along with everybody. She does all the basics and I can put a treat on her paw or nose and she’ll leave it until I say go. She’s such a joy to have around.”

Marrina’s run as top dog was nearly cut short when she contracted a form of cancer where the only treatment that would work would be the removal of her left rear leg from the hips. “She was up and moving around two days after her surgery,” Guthrie marveled. “You’d never know it to watch her.”

The surgery has slowed Marrina somewhat. She no longer can handle the sand at the beach and her wide array of tricks has been narrowed to a few. Long walks to and from work are now too much.

And instead of everyday visits to the marina, her time is limited to a few days a week. She absolutely loves to ride shotgun in Guthrie’s Corvette or one of his classic cars. “She pretty much stays with her mom most of the time. She’s going through a rough time with her health and I think Marrina senses that a lot. But when I say let’s go to work, she’s ready to shoot out the door.”

Which is a good thing for her many followers, especially the youngsters. Guthrie said one little girl in particular loves Marrina so much that when her father sold their boat and there was no longer a reason to be around, she made him promise to take her to see the dog on a regular basis. “People love her that much and I truly believe she loves all of them.”

Marrina used to greet people by putting her front paws on the counter to let them know she was there. The loss of her leg prevents that these days. So she goes around the corner and sits and waits for lots of loving to come her way. Most people put their business on hold until they’ve given her plenty of attention.

Marrina did have one bit of advice for those who stop by: Treats for tricks are recommended, please.