While watching me read a recent National Geographic story on the ancient English megalith Stonehenge, Oliver Tolliver pawsed and pondered deep thoughts.

Surely, there must be something similar he could discover. Something monumental, astonishing, mind blowing… 

After a lot of nose-to-the-ground searching, he eventually ran into the house barking up a storm. Able to speak a little dog talk, I knew this howl all too well. So I followed him to the compost pile, deep in a far corner of the yard.

Oliver jumped and spun around and made his usual arrangement of happy sounds. Pulling back banana palm leaves, I could hardly believe what he had found. But there it was, witnessed with my own two eyes…


It appeared to be a years-old collection of cow femur bones cut small enough that a dog Oliver’s size easily could get at all the marrow while enjoying a good, calcium-based teeth cleaning.

We’re waiting on a crew from NatGeo to arrive and perform scientific tests to determine the source and age of the bones, but we feel in our gut that this is something major – likely built when humans started domesticating K-9s.

While the sands of time trickled through the hourglass, Oliver went on full reward mode – jumping and barking in front of his food and treats cabinet. He nosed and pawed at his top choice.

He didn’t care about Bonehenge.

All he wanted was another bone.

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