June 8-10, 2018

Town Point Park, Downtown Norfolk Waterfront, Virginia

Free & open to the public!

Friday: Noon – 11 pm (Parade of Sail – Noon)
Saturday: Noon – 11 pm (Fireworks – 9:30 pm)
Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm

Norfolk’s Harborfest has celebrated the Norfolk, Virginia waterfront for 42 years.  It is the largest, longest-running, free maritime festival in America. It’s an annual tradition for everyone in the area.  If you’re a boater, it is a treat from your own private vantage point.

 If you haven’t already, tell the boss that you need Friday off and go out to watch the Parade of Sail from your boat.  Nothing will get your Summer started, or your love of boating going more than this incredible display of maritime greatness and diversity!  The ships all rendezvous at Sewell’s Point Anchorage K off the Navy Base from 9-10am. The USCGC Eagle leads the pack, along with other tall ships, military, private and commercial vessels, down the Elizabeth River into Town Point Park, Downtown Norfolk and the Portsmouth Waterfront at Noon.  

 The weekend is filled with fun maritime events and events ashore.  There is a lot of live entertainment that you can hear and watch from your boat.  But if you want to dock, you’d better have plans early.  Or enjoy a day cruising up and down the harbor. It’s not a bad way to spend a great June weekend in a beautiful downtown harbor.  View the full schedule of 2018 events here.

DRUM ROLL….And then there’s the FIREWORKS!  

Yep, that’s what we all remember and look forward to each year.  Harborfest goes all out with the pyrotechnics! It is one of the largest fireworks shows on the East Coast.  And watching it from the water is a memory you must make (yearly). We hope you enjoy this joyous maritime celebration.  If by water, be prepared, it’s almost 30 miles around. Which is one of the many reasons that local boaters like to spend the weekend on their boats, around the harbor.  It is a beautiful ride, for sure! Be sure to check the local weather forecast before you head for the dock.  The weather changes fast around here.  Please be safe and stay in port if seas are rough or skys uncertain!  If heading by land, be sure to check out Festevents transportation page for directions, parking, lightrail, bikes, and more!

Lynnhaven Marine’s Launch Hours Harborfest Weekend are:

Friday, June 8th –  8 am to 8 pm
Saturday, June 9th –  7am to 8 pm
Sunday, June 10th – 7am to 8pm

***If you would like a night launch, please let us know by 7pm.

How can we help you Just Add Water?  

Thank you, Festevents, for helping us celebrate what we love most, the local waters and waterfront.  The coastal boating lifestyle makes the best memories, with wind in our hair and sun on our cheeks.