Oliver Tolliver loves the snow.

Other animals and people – not so much.

Snow can take its toll on a boat, especially when it’s on a trailer. We’re expected to get a lot of precipitation with winter storm Jasper (that’s right, they’re naming winter weather systems now… I guess in a way to be politically correct with summer hurricanes). Water weighs considerably more than now, coming in at about 62.4 pounds a cubic foot. Snow, depending on how wet or dry it is, can be anywhere from 5 to 32 percent less.

Thing is, while water gets eliminated with a bilge pump or simply through the drain hole, snow will just sit there – piling up and gaining weight. That puts a lot of pressure on a trailer. A boat cover will definitely help, but keeping the vessel in the garage is even better.

So keep a close eye, closer than usual, on your trailered boat. It will save you a lot of spring work when it gets time to splash her.

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