Bottom Painting and striping

Why should you paint your boat…

Safety -> Heavy sea growth on your hull can cut down on how your boat handles. Depending on
the severity, growth can even weigh down your boat causing it to sit lower in the water.

Protection -> If left alone, heavy sea growth can cause damage to your hull, as well as potentially
clogging up intakes causing damage to your engines.

Efficiency -> Hull fouling causes unnecessary drag. This greatly impacts speed, planing as well as fuel

Which bottom paint is right for you…

– An ablative paint is recommended when the boat is used regularly.
– Speed boats generally use a hard paint.
– Due to the chemical makeup, hard paints are recommended to be re-painted annually. Ablative paints
should be re-painted every 1 to 2 years depending on the thickness of the original application and use
of boat.

Bottom paint price guide:

New (never been painted)/barrier coat/topcoat* – $49.00 per foot
Repaint (existing paint job)* (Double) – $36.00 per foot
Single coat touch-up* (existing paint job) – $25.00 per foot

*Prices based upon PETIT topcoat

***If Micron (ablative) paint is requested, please add additional…
$150.00 if vessel is under 30′
$300.00 if vessel is greater than 30′
$450.00 if vessel is greater than 30′ and has a beam greater than 10’5″

Paint outdrive including trim tabs – $175.00
*Additional charge per outdrive

Outboard lower unit, brachet and trim tabs – $100.00
*Additional charge per outboard

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