Despite the very tough times we’re all going through, there’s a lot to be thankful for. Especially for the region’s outdoors lovers.

If you’re a bird watcher, hundreds of thousands of birds of an endless variety either pass through the area or make it their year-long home. There’s an abundance of opportunities to hike or bike through parks, trails, and national wildlife refuges. Hunting isn’t quite like it is in other areas of the country, but there are ample chances to harvest deer, bear, turkey, and other species.

Skiers need only to drive as little as three hours to the west to enjoy some winter wonderland action on the slopes. And most of all, boaters, kayakers, and anglers enjoy more opportunities than any of the groups that make up the wildlife world.

We practically live in the water.

There are places to sail, calm backwaters to kayak – along with bays, rivers, lakes, ponds, the largest watershed tributary in the county in the Chesapeake Bay, and the vast reaches of the Atlantic to fish, paddle, or sail. Yeah, there’s plenty of outdoorsy things to do – especially when you toss in more I surely have forgotten.

We know there are a lot of bad and negative things going on right now, too many and too painful to even attempt to list. Besides, this week marks the beginning of the serious holiday time of year when we cherish family, good times together, too much food to eat, and a whole lot of football to watch.

So enjoy this coming long weekend and the celebration of Thanksgiving that serves as its foundation. ‘Cause, there’s plenty to be thankful for.

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