We’re all thinking about health these days. In everything we do, and every place we go.

At Lynnhaven Marine, we’re in the business of helping our customers enjoy the boating lifestyle. Obviously, we want to do everything we can to make sure your interactions with us are as safe and healthy as possible.

But is boating good for you? Not surprisingly, the answer, according to science, is yes.

There are both physical and even some metaphysical benefits to getting out on your boat as often as possible.

Vitamin D and Fresh Air.   Everyone knows that exposure to sunlight helps the body create Vitamin D, which leads to healthy bones and is medically proven to improve one’s mood. (Of course, we also know that over-exposure to sunshine can be harmful, which is why we recommend a good and regular application of sunblock lotions and creams for every passenger on board.) And the fresh air of the great outdoors beats the recycled air conditioned air of your home, office and car every time. 

Stress reduction.  Getting away from the workaday world, even if just for an hour or two, can work wonders in reducing your overall level of stress and tension. And that has positive benefits for blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and so much more. Everybody needs the occasional break, and going boating is perfect for that.

Exercise.  Taking your boat out for a spin may not equate to running a marathon, or even to lifting weights for half an hour. But being active, especially in the great outdoors, contributes to one’s overall well being. Any skipper with experience will tell you that operating a boat provides a good workout. 

Mental balancing.  When you go boating, you connect with Nature, you spend quality time with friends and family, and you feed your passion for boating. Scientists tell us that all those activities help generate important levels of serotonin, a chemical in the brain that helps create the feeling of happiness and wellness. And feeling happy and content is not only a good way to go through life, but it’s important to one’s overall health.

Going Deeper.  Now, for the metaphysical reasons boating is good for you. About 60% of the human body is water. Our primordial ancestors crawled or swam out of the oceans millenia ago. Science has observed that the sight and sound of the ocean triggers feelings of calm and relaxation. For most humans, the color blue is considered their ‘favorite,.’ probably for the same reasons. For all the talk about Mother Earth, it is to the oceans we belong, and boating is perhaps the best way to make that very basic cellular connection. 

The current pandemic might get in the way of how often or even how we get to enjoy time on the water. But everyone who can should try to go boating as often as possible.

It’s for your good health, after all.