Thank you to former co-worker Leo Kim for the picture of me reflecting during a day on the water…

I saw this photo while looking through my pictures on my smartphone and realized that this is the first entry to start off my third month with Lynnhaven Marine. Seems like only yesterday that I met with their great crew to get all this started #thankful

So let’s reflect a little and talk even more about what’s to come.

It’s been a great summer with some outstanding fishing opportunities and a whole bunch of successful outings. For the most part, the weather has cooperated and provided fantastic conditions for enjoying some cruising, stopping at waterfront restaurants, or simply anchoring up at a secluded beach somewhere to, you know, reflect on the day’s events.

With the first day of fall coming on Wednesday (Sept. 22), it’s time to look ahead to subjects we’ll be tackling – yeah, bad, but intended pun.

Many boat owners put their vessels away once it starts to get cold, so we’ll address the do’s and don’ts of winterizing with the help of Lynnhaven’s topnotch mechanics. They’ll also advise us on how the guys and gals who fish all winter can keep their boats in top running order when it’s freezing outside.

Our region enjoys lots of good winter fishing opportunities, so we’ll hook you up with that information as well.

Anglers, for the most part, also enjoy hunting – so why not take a shot at that world as well? Dove season has already come into play, as has archery season for deer. And we’ll bring you feature stories on the people who get it all done.

Let’s face it, this is a wonderful area to be an outdoors enthusiast. So get out there and do those things we all love and let’s make more memories for future reflection.

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