Three dollars and sixty cents for a gallon of gas.

That was back in August when the closing of America’s in-house oil industry was taking its toll on consumers. Things got better.

Then the spring economy, the threat of war in eastern Europe – now a reality – set things on a path where we’ll all soon be happy to see a return to $3.59.

While these prices are seriously taking their toll on the country, they’re going to get worse. And prices for everything are going to rise because of it.

But how many people are thinking about the recreational boating industry, along with commercial and charter fishing fleets? Well, it’s time to start.

You know how experts are telling drivers about all the ways to optimize their fuel economy – proper tire inflation and using cruise control? It’s time to start getting that boat all tuned up for the very same reasons. The folks at Lynnhaven Marine can help and some things are simple – like new spark plugs and changing the lower unit grease.

And start looking at boat sharing with friends. If two of you are cruising Lynnhaven Inlet for dinner at a Shore Drive restaurant, bring another couple along. Next time, take their boat.

As troublesome as it sounds, fewer trips might be part of the future until all this inflation and gas prices are worked out. In the meantime, enjoy every minute on the water and appreciate the fact that you still have the opportunity.

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