It almost seems like an eternity, but the vicious arrival of Covid-19 was just a few years ago.

Clogged lungs, fever, hacking, loss of taste, masks, confinement and plain old misery.

For those unaffected or feeling better, it meant something else.


For many who had a liking for the water, the time working at home and locked up with family provided a good opportunity to take the plunge and purchase a boat.

Fishing, joy riding or just anchoring up and enjoying a swim – it didn’t matter.

Boat sales were good. Actually, too good.

Materials used by boat builders were not available or terribly hard to come by.

Dealers ran out of stock and buyers were told the waiting time for their vessel was going to be longer than normal. Many boating want-to-be folks turned to used boats. Those, too, quickly disappeared.

Ah, but time cures much and manufacturers are back at work. And many new boaters have realized they don’t like ownership like they thought.

So boat sales departments like ours are seeing a renewed interest in the enjoyable lifestyle. They’re going to marinas for dinner, to a resort style stay over or just a pleasant trip to watch fireworks or dolphins.

Heck, we’ve got 41 new boats and nine used ones for sale and a fantastic storage facility to keep one in if you don’t favor the idea of driving them around on a trailer.

The bottom line? That’s easy. Try out the boating lifestyle and see what you’ve been missing.

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