Enjoying this crazy mid-Atlantic weather?

I know, bad joke.

Especially for the region’s boaters and anglers, who all want get out and do their thing.

But blustery winds, high seas and quickly changing conditions have put a burden on all that.

And we’re going to be seeing more of the same, as an El Nino effect in the central Pacific Ocean continues to bring us low pressure systems that go east from west. If they’re inland, we get wind and rain.

But if they go more coastal – and the temperatures are low enough – they’ll bring sleet and possibly snow.

The yucky-sounding storms sound bad enough, but there are worse things as a result.

Melting mountain snows, winds and rain bring lots of debris downstream and into harm’s way.

Tree branches, yard junk and pier parts end up in out boaters’ world, barely showing on the surface, but holding lots of danger underneath the surface – kind of like like a ship-destoring iceberg.

It’s an element of boating few think about.

This time of year, because of water temperatures and weather conditions, boater’s shouldn’t be venturing out by themselves.

Safety first, right?

So why not use one or more of the other members of you team to keep a bunch of sharp eyes out to spot such debris?

Ask anybody who’s ever hit one of these things … it isn’t any fun. And it can be crazy costly to repair damage.

And, God forbid, there could be a loss of life.

So keep your guard up more than ever, enjoy a sunny day cruise or a trip to feed the neighbors.

You’ll be a whole lot better off in the long run.

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