On a normal day of strolling through social media, anglers and simply those who are curious can find hundreds – no, thousands – of angling pictures.

Most are the norm. Fishermen and women, scenic backgrounds, some species of fish on display in a way only challenged by the joy on the angler’s face.

But all too often, the picture show hunters and anglers in an unnatural setting with empty beer cans and liquor bottles – blood gushing from the animal.

Can’t count the number of times I’ve contacted such and outdoors person telling them to give the animal a quick hosing down before the picture is taken. Many, most actually, are met with foulness and a nasty comment.

Oh well, people are people.

But a few have the mentality of a head that understands art.

Good photos come from those who see things in a way others don’t. Award type stuff is another story all together.

But with technology the way it is these days, anybody can take a good wildlife picture.

Just think differently, especially if it’s an animal that’s going to be kept.

But don’t ever stop sending those regular pictures – the kind with the beautiful environment, the spectacular catch or harvest and that face covered in smiles. They mean a lot to me and the world to the outdoorsman or women.

A few hints: get really close – nobody wants the subject to look a mile away. Take lots of shots so the chance of a great one increases. Shoot with the sun at your back so the subject isn’t in the shadows.

But mostly, enjoy the time and the memories.

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