Oh, look – more of that frozen mess on the way this weekend.

While there are windows of opportunity to do a little fishing, Mother Nature is making them few and far in between. Because of this, you’re stuck inside until it’s time to shovel the driveway and sidewalk.

How about getting your fishing gear in tip-top shape for when things really open up?

Take a look at all that stuff you have. Lots of it that’s never been taken out of the box. Fishing line, hooks, weights… good Lord that’s a real mess you can do something about. And I’m just talking about freshwater gear. You wanna tackle the saltwater stuff, it’s high time you get started.

So lock yourself in a room with lots of floor space and dump everything out. Really, that’s never gonna get wet unless you leave it out in the rain. Have a big trash can on hand – better yet, a few boxes so you can donate stuff to the local fishing clubs.

Now get in there and tackle that tackle. Organize, you know, like you once had everything before it got to be such a tangled mess.

Especially in freshwater fishing, anglers tend to use a small handful of items and rarely try that other stuff. They use what’s proven to them. Move that gear to the forefront.

As far as rods and reels go, it’s a great time to lubricate the reels, wipe down the rods, and check all the guides to make sure none need repairing. All that new line still in the boxes, spool the reels with it.

There, isn’t that going to look impressive when you meet your buddy on the water for some early season crappie and yellow perch action? It sure is. And try your best to keep it that way.

If you don’t keep it that way, like I won’t, at least it’ll give you something to kill a day with when next year’s nasty weather comes back around.

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