We’ve all read the cautions for the upcoming cold weather season. And if you haven’t picked up on it yet, it’s already cold enough to warrant things like dripping faucets and outdoor faucet coverage to protect the things that freeze and cause what often are costly problems.Not to mention headaches.

Now all that stuff pretty much covers the casa.

The boat is another story and just what you do to it depends on its living arrangements when not in use.

If it’s been reworked for winter and lives at our facility or the same done for the trailered craft you keep in the garage, all should be well.

Now if you are a diehard and want to be ready to hit the ocean or one of the inland lakes and waterways, keeping things – especially the batteries – warm and charged should put you in a good place.

Often, however, nothing could be more important than having the fishing tackle in at least semi-working order.

And since Mother Nature’s surprisingly bad weather over winter can keep boats and anglers at home, there will be some great chances to dump tackle boxes, get new line rolled onto reels and get ready for that scolding hot 50 degree day drowning hooks.

It doesn’t have to be difficult, just enough to have you ready to drop to the bottom for flounder and tog, or cast a spinner bait to largemouth bass.

Yeah, winter can stink, but it can also provide a few breaks in life so that the optimal readiness can be shown off and used.

Those who remember understand the joys of bouncing a piece of shrimp along creek edges and hooking up with who knows what – even if it is 40 degrees outside.

To be quick-hit tackle ready, try having two small boxes for saltwater and a couple more freshwater ones. I many opportunities, a chatter bait or topwater plug used for bass can be a exceptionally good lure for speckled trout or puppy drum in one of the area’s multitude of lakes, ponds and tidal creeks.

Would you get by without doing any of this? Yep, you would.

But if you want to take those lucky few hours and get the most out of a trip, take the time during football game commercials and get it right.

You’re likely to be surprised by the huge success you enjoy.

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