Take a look outside Thursday?

Yeah, it was pretty chilly. But the sun was bright and things calm enough for a little boating.


But remember last weekend?

Gaze back on it really hard and get ready for a potentially worse event at the end of the next one a couple of days away.

Meteorologists Thursday morning held another one of its “weekly impact weather briefing” sessions to help prepare residents and boaters for another low pressure blast from down south.

While forecasters acknowledged that the system hadn’t yet formed in the northeastern portion of the Gulf of Mexico, they said there was no doubt the region would be hit by sloppy – even nasty – conditions.

The thrill ride, they said, probably would start sometime mid-Sunday and continue through most of Monday.

Lots of rain, plenty of strong winds and flooding in low-lying areas prone to the wet stuff. Beach erosion is almost a sure thing.

Initial forecasts called for the storm that will turn into a nor’easter gaining plenty of umph when it heads over northern Florida and southern Georgia.

This is where forecasting gets interesting, officials said.

Originally set to head up the East Coast mostly out to sea, some computer models now have it moving slightly inland along a course similar to Interstate 95.

Either way, our neck of the woods is looking at the stuff ducks don’t even appreciate.

Last weekend’s rain has the ground pretty soft, so fallen trees or power lines are a distinct possibility. As much as 2 inches of rain and gale force winds increase the chances.

Chesapeake Bay waters, especially along the western shoreline, could push tides to near flooding. Homes along low-lying land around tidal creek shorelines also could be a risk.

Ocean seas likely will get real nasty, especially through Wednesday, as winds around 50 mph could really churn things up. Count on some gale force gusts.

By now, most living throughout this region are well-versed at such weather conditions.

So get ready, stock up and have the TV warmed up for weekend football.

You likely will not want to be outside.

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